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Where to Install an Indoor Antenna?

Have you decided to go ahead with cutting the cord and purchasing a TV antenna to do away with the costly cable bills. Then there is one thing that you would need to ensure for receiving the best reception signal so that you get all the channels as desired. Location of the indoor antenna matters a lot in comparison to the outdoor antenna. Getting good reception signals inside the home at times can be difficult hence placing the antenna at the right location indoors would save a lot of time and energy later.

It is important to know where exactly the TV towers are located so accordingly you can place the antennas. The correct type of antenna, as well as the location, would be dependent on the distance of the tower. The towers which are mostly further than 50 miles would require a special equipment for catching the signals properly. You can place the indoor antenna at any location in the house, however you would need to bear in mind certain things before the placement.

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One of the most important thing to consider is the height of the antenna. The reason for the same is because the higher the antennas, the stronger signals it would pick up. Hence you can try out certain places such as the window, attic or a room upstairs if that option is available. Remember that the higher you tend to go with the indoor antenna, the better reception signals you would receive. Note that the basement would not be a good option for placing the antenna. Also if you plan to place the antenna in the basement then it can lead to interference with the cable internet signal.

Since you would not be solely relying on the cable wires, out here the strength of the signal would be prone to any obstruction or hurdles in between. Note that, the more number of things come in between the antenna the weaker the signals would start to become. Hence it would be better to find a place where the obstructions would be limited so that you can enjoy the best kind of signal. In case if you have plans to place the antenna on the window and if you are just across another building then you can think of some other place or you may have to go in for an outdoor antenna.

Before you decide on the best location for the antenna, it is important to consider the right direction of the antenna. Most of the indoor antennas that are available in the market are said to be uni-directional hence in such cases they would have to be pointed at the exact source of signal which in this case would be the broadcasting tower. Hence firstly, find out the tower present in your area. Once you are aware about the same, you can then accordingly decide as to where you would want to place the antenna. Note that it should be pointing towards the direction of the tower.