Why TV antennas are making a comeback?

Wooforium Why TV antennas are making a comeback?

There is an age-old saying called “Old is Gold”. The same goes to the television viewing experience as well. The tables are turning with the old TV antennas coming back in the household. More and more people are giving away their cable subscriptions and opting for these TV antennas. The TV antennas of today are more enhanced in terms of digitally as well as its overall appeal. There are multiple options of TV antenna that are being made available to the viewers. Based on the various factors and the channels that need to viewed, the individual can do the choice of selecting the best one.

With the gradual rise in the cable prices, somewhat the viewers felt that there was a need for a push back. People are becoming aware that to watch their favourite channels such as ABC, Fox, NBC and PBS all they would require is a TV antenna. There are so many affordable and better quality antenna options available in the market.

One of the main reason for the comeback of these antennas is the rise in the Pay TV packages. By the end of year 2016, each American household was paying on an average around $84 per month for their Pay TV. As per research as well, it has been seen that the number one option for cutting the cord is the rise in the subscription charges of cable or satellite TV. People were paying for channels that they are not even aware about and do not watch as well.

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The vast majority of people who have shifted from Pay TV to the TV antenna have done because they have also opted for streaming service and at the same time they do not even watch so much of the broadcast TV.

The modern TV antennas, no longer looked like as they were century back. They have changed a lot and also making a major comeback. Also TV antennas have lot of advantage over the cable and satellite TV. Over-the-air channels have better picture quality and sound quality that is way better than the one they received through cable TV. People have also understood the fact that now they can pay just once and enjoy free local channels for lifetime which otherwise had to be paid and viewed.

So after being hooked on to the cable TV for so many years, will it be easier to move on to TV antennas. The answer would probably be a Yes. Though if needed, you can supplement it well with a streaming service of your choice. The cord cutters are saving in a lot of money by going in for this bold movement of cord cutting. They also saving lot of money by not paying heft bill amount to the cable TV.

Currently this is seen as a transition period wherein more number of people are coming up and cutting the cord. The antennas are surely here to stay and would pave a path towards the future in terms of entertainment for its viewers.