Why You Should Buy a TV Antenna?

Wooforium Why You Should Buy a TV Antenna?

Going in for a TV antenna is something more than just cutting the cord. It comes along with various benefits. Below we have listed down certain points as to why one should go in to purchase a TV antenna.

  • Most of the local channels such as CBS, PBS, Fox and NBC should be made available free to the public. Having a TV antenna would ensure that you get all of these channels for free. You would only need to pay for the cost of installation and antenna. But once the installation is done, you do not need to pay any money for watching these channels.
  • Going in for a TV antenna would mean saving a lot of money. The average cost when you calculate for installing a TV antenna can come up to $500 to $600. This cost is one time and once it is done, there would not be any other fee which would be charged. On the other hand, the cost of cable would come up to $100 to $200 on a monthly basis. This would mean it is anytime better to buy a TV antenna.
  • There is no need to hold up on your service while you are away for vacations or reactivate your service. Antenna is always available to air the channels once you are back from the vacation and it would not charge you any reactivation cost.

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  • Having antennas installed means you can record your favourite shows anytime. There are DVR’s available which are mostly made to be used along with the OTA signals. You can anytime, view the channel guide, record the program, and play them.
  • When you have an antenna in place, strong thunderstorms or bad weather would not cause any harm to your viewing experience or stop the service. This would not be the case in case if you have cable subscription. You would still be able to receive the local channels.
  • Having an antenna would mean getting an uncompressed HD experience. This would mean that your TV antenna would give you the best visual quality than you would have received in the cable service.
  • Purchasing an antenna is pretty much easy once you are well aware about the type of antenna you would want to go in for. There is certain research that you would need to carry out such as, the tower location, channels that you may receive and you would want to view and so on.
  • Talking about the number of channels being offered. One cannot compare the same between free TV and the cable pay TV service. Often the cable pay TV wins but what the cable and satellite operators do not inform the subscribers is that most of the broadcast stations offer at least one of the sub-channel. These do not come along with the cable or the satellite service. You would need to purchase a TV antenna for the same. These sub-channels are mostly dependent on the area or the locality and may include multiple public TV channels.